21st Century When Love Tuns In Sadness- Sad Love Poem To GF

April 22, 2019

Sad Love Poem

To keep your emotions in front of someone, you have to resort to words, if the word is sweet and can keep the feelings of the heart seriously, then the feeling of comfort that we get is not always forgotten. By compiling similar words and sorting these words, you have been combined for them. With these words, you can convey the feelings of your heart to them. By which you love the most and you can give them a sense of how much you love them. You will find a collection of very beautiful and nice words on our website which you often search for. You can use these Hindi and English status Whatsapp, Facebook Instagram, etc. About social media and reach through to your heart's emotions. These sad love poems will tell your attitude to your gentlemen personality with ease, always have the same website for the sad love poems which compiles the poignant and affectionate status for you in Hindi and English.


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sad love poems


 Not Know where  came to  fly
Came and sat down
On a thin mango plant
Lemon-tree next to the same
Seeing the lemon golden crown
 She was impressed by the lemon tree
 Some time  she sees
She  goes to  sit  lemon tree
Leaving mango tree
 The mango tree is shy away
Seeing to lemon tree
  which she was on me
Now on lemon tree
she  impressed by lemon fragrance
forgot me
my love does not impress you


sad love poems,sad love poems in English
sad love poems
The morning rays go slowly in his room
She will be sleeping in the velvety bed
Lighten his light soon
she does not awake then do not forcefully
Slowly sing the song in his ear like lily
He is very delicate, do not bother him
Windy, you also morning go in the morning
Recite my heart's emotions did not speak loudly
Tell her from me good mornings

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