Top Class English Poem:A Poem for students-A life poem/ A poem life of struggle

April 13, 2019

Learn Life

I'll make up my idol with my hands.
 Seeds of words shall be planted in the mind lands
I'll awake up to him.
The words of eyes the characters, the body language
He has learned to read him.
  School of ethics
Has been dim.
Walking with life
I teach him.
With fear of falling
Do not be afraid of fear.
Do not any darling.
Get up and walk again.
In path, the love song who sings,
The path leads him to the floor to get gain.
From labor perspiration
Turn on the workplace man.
 Elaborate place of charity
Fill up like rain.
What to do to win defeat do not think
You have to live life.

 Not like an animal, like a man.

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