English Poem 2019 /Common man's fear

April 07, 2019

Common man's fear

English poem,English poem 2019
English poem

Anythings fall I is afraid of the  voice.
What happened to the city with fear?
The king is strict but nice.
Do not open your eye with care,
What is the problem of people?
It's good to have a good reputation.
Hurt your feelings.
Do not to do any question?
Any one why not killing?
He would be happy.
His conviction grew,
The color of the flowers flew.
So what?
 garden flowers die few.
So what?
You border guards,
What is your specialty.
Died to death,
Family scare your frouds.
That is not your quality.
So what?
Martial law is good.
Hand  expert done exercises,
I know not to authorize.
So what?
The family could not be hungry to see.
Hard work is very good for me.

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